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Lost and Found

TIPS and IDEAS if your cat or dog has gone missing...


1) Contact all vets in as wide an area as you can, and give all the details you can. If people find a cat, they will often take it to a vets that they are familiar with, not necessarily the nearest one. Contact them regularly and send/ e-mail a poster and picture of your cat/pet.


2) For cats, contact the Peterborough branch of The Cats Protection on 0845 3712750 or e-mail them details and a photo for their website or upload details on their Facebook page 


They also have a Lost and Found page on their website.


There is also a Missing Pets Peterborough Facebook page :    


Also contact the local council (Peterborough 01733 747474) because they keep a record of any cats that they find.


Also contact Cat Wefare Wisbech on 07918 869503 or at


Also contact Peterborough Cat Rescue on 07502 134006 or e-mail:


3) For dogs, contact the Peterborough Dog Warden on 01733 - 747474 (Peterborough City Council).


Also look on and add your dogs details.


4) Let as many people know as possible, in as big a local area as possible, around by where you live. Put posters with a photo on, in shops, local display boards, schools, supermarkets, village halls / community centres etc.


Leaflet as many houses as possible, local to your house, asking people to look in their sheds and garages, greenhouses, conservatories, and any other outhouses. They may have sneaked in while people were gardening etc and then be locked in.


5) Look on The Missing Pet Register in their Found Pet section and also post your pets details in their Lost Pet section.


6) Contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or at and check their lost and found website


7) Contact Woodgreen Animal Shelters in Godmanchester, Huntingdon on  0844 248 8181 or at


8) If your pet is microchipped, contact Petlog at to let them know. They will post details on their Lost page.


9) Contact all local (and not so local) animal charity and rehoming places to give details of your pet.


10) Search on-line (e.g. Google) for any other Missing/Lost/Found pet websites and register you and your pets details on them, e.g. 


and other local community websites and Facebook pages e.g.


Finally, don't give up! Contact everyone above regularly and just let as many people, places and organisations know as possible.


When your pet returns, if they are not already, PLEASE get them microchipped. It is not expensive, and is worth it's weight in gold! It is not a guarantee that you will get your pet back but it is is an excellent form of identification.



Good Luck!