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There are a variety of low calorie enrichment ideas suitable for the EMS risk pony

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Firework Advice and Information

Are you worried your pet will be worried by fireworks? Is you pet scared by the noises? PLEASE come and make an appointment with one of our veterinary nurses to discuss it.... There are things that can be done, and given, to make them and you happier... Make your appointment now so you can all be prepared.


It is essential that you prepare you and your pets early for fireworks on Bonfire Night and New Years Eve. There are some things that can be done in advance that will hopefully make things easier for you all.


A sedative called ACP used to be given to help dogs with firework fear but research has since shown that although it sedated your dog and prevented them moving around as much, they still had the same fear and feelings inside - they just couldn't show it, so it was not helping them at all, in fact it made things worse.


Some newer products on the market include Adaptil and Feliway, Pet Remedy products, Zylkene and Kalm-Aid. These can be used separately or in conjunction with each other and with additional methods and preparation.


If you want to come in and discuss, face to face, your pets fears and anxieties and what can be done to help, then get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or just pop into reception and make a convenient appointment to speak to one of our veterinary nurses or veterinary surgeons.


Here are some useful websites and information:


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